Turid Torheim

Breast cancer tumours show heterogeneity at all levels: as genomic variation, tissue heterogeneity and heterogeneous appearance in radiological images. Data at all these levels are available, but so far there have been no integrative studies where all levels of heterogeneity are combined to gain comprehensive understanding of the disease. My project aims to fill this major gap by describing, comparing and correlating breast cancer heterogeneity at multiple levels.


since 04/2016
Postdoctoral research at Cancer Research UK Cambridge Research Institute

02/2012 - 04/2016
PhD student at the Department of Mathematical Sciences and Technology, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Norway.
Main advisor: Prof. Cecilia Marie Futsaether


Ph.D in Computational Biology
Norwegian University of Life Sciences

M.Sc. in Mathematical, Physical and Computational Sciences
Norwegian University of Life Sciences

B.Sc. in Natural Sciences (Physics)
Norwegian University of Life Sciences

Turid Torheim

Turid Torheim
University of Cambridge
CRUK Cambridge Institute
Li Ka Shing Centre
Robinson Way
Cambridge, CB2 0RE, UK
e: first.last@cruk.cam.ac.uk
p: +44 (0) 1223 40 4318

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