nem - estimating Nested Effects Models from data

Nested Effects Model

The R/Bioconductor package 'nem' allows to reconstruct features of pathways from the nested structure of perturbation effects. It takes as input

  1. a set of perturbed pathway components
  2. high-dimensional phenotypic readout of these perturbations (e.g. gene expression or morphological profiles).

The output is a directed graph representing the phenotypic hierarchy. The package contains an example dataset on Drosophila immune response and a vignette explaining its application.

Download and Installation

You can download the newest release from the package's Bioconductor page.

To install this package directly in R type:



The software package combines the methods introduced in several papers:



  • Florian Markowetz
  • Holger Fröhlich
  • Achim Tresch
  • Christian Bender
  • Matthias Maneck
  • Claudio Lottaz
  • Tim Beissbarth
  • and others ...


You can download the newest release from the package's Bioconductor page.


Download statistics

Download stats

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