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Other packages

  • BaalChIP - allele-specific TF binding
  • BitPhylogeny - infer intra-tumor phylogenies
  • CRImage - tumor image analysis
  • DANCE - subtype specific drivers of cancer
  • GoIFISH - single cell IFISH analysis
  • HTSanalyzeR - functional annotation
  • lol - lots of lassos
  • MEDICC - intra-patient copy number comparison
  • nem - nested effects models
  • OncoNEM - oncogenetic NEMs
  • PAN - posterior associa- tion networks
  • RedeR - graph visualiza- tion and analysis
  • RTN - network recon- struction and analysis
  • SANTA - spatial analysis of network associations
  • VULCAN - co-factors from CHiP-seq data
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