HTSanalyzeR - Network analysis of high-throughput screens

HTSanalyzeR Functional genomics has demonstrated considerable success in inferring the inner working of a cell through analysis of its response to various perturbations. In recent years several technological advances have pushed high-throughput screens (HTS) to the forefront of functional genomics.

The software package HTSanalyzeR combines state-of-the-art analysis methods for HTS in a unified framework. This package provides classes and methods for gene set over-representation, enrichment and network analyses on high-throughput screens. It contains a pipeline specifically designed for cellHTS2 objects. Additionaly, users can build their own analysis pipeline for their particular data format based on the methods in this package. Features of the current release include:

Download and Installation

You can download the current release from the package's Bioconductor page. Alternatively, you can install the current release directly in R by typing:




Download statistics

Download stats

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