GoIFISH - semi-automated analysis of IFISH images

GoIFISH has been developed for the analysis of IFISH (Immunofluorescence + Fluorescence in situ Hybridisation) images, performing nuclear, membrane and spot detection in order to quantify heterogeneity at the single cell level.

Users can manually edit segmentation results, perform background adjustments, construct heatmaps, topology maps, and perform cell classification. All results can be exported for further analysis.

GoIFISH allows for the concurrent study of genomic and phenotypic abberations to highlight the diversity within a tissue sample, such as the genomic and phenotypic expression of HER2:


Download and Installation

You can download GoIFISH from http://sourceforge.net/projects/goifish/

Source Code:


Windows MacOS
Binaries are available for execution outside of the MATLAB environment.
All are dependent on the installation of MATLAB Compiler Runtime (provided in .zip packages).





You can download GoIFISH from sourceforge.net


Download statistics

Can be found here!

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