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BaalChIP - allele specific binding

BaalChIP corrects for the effect of background allele frequency on the observed ChIP-seq read counts jointly analyses multiple ChIP-seq samples across a single variant.

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R Python

BitPhylogeny - intra-tumor phylogenies

A probabilistic framework for reconstructing intra-tumor phylogenies. In a full Bayesian approach, we jointly estimate the number and composition of clones as well as the most likely tree connecting them.

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CRImage - tumour image analysis

Image analysis of histopathologically stained tumour slides.

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DANCE - deregulation of copy-number and expression

Coming soon! DANCE quantifies the impact of copy-number alterations on gene expression and compares it between tumour sub-types.

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GoIFISH - semi-automated analysis of IFISH images

Analysis of IFISH (Immunofluorescence + Fluorescence in situ Hybridisation) images, performing nuclear, membrane and spot detection in order to quantify heterogeneity at the single cell level.

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HTSanalyzeR - Network analysis of high throughput screens

The one stop shop for enrichment and network analyses of high-through- put RNAi screens. Turns cellHTS2 output into annotated tables and graphs.

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lol - lots of lassos

Various optimization methods for matrix-to-matrix Lasso inference: cross-validation, randomised lasso, subsampling lasso and others.

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MEDICC - intra-patient copy number comparisons

MEDICC harnesses the power of a finite-state automaton representation of genomic profiles to model genomic rearrangement events with horizontal dependencies.

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nem - Nested Effects Models

NEMs reconstruct features of pathways from the nested structure of perturbation effects. The package unites the software from several labs and represents the current state-of-the-art in Nested Effects Models.

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oncoNEM - oncogenetic Nested Effects Models

OncoNEM is a probabilistic method for inferring intra-tumor evolutionary lineage trees from somatic single nucleotide variants of single cells. Built on NEM technology!

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PANR - posterior association networks

The package implements methods to encode posteriori belief of functional association types on edges and phenotypic information on nodes.

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R Java

RedeR - network analysis and visualization

Network Data Integration, Analysis, and Visualization really in a Box. There is no better way to work with networks in R!

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RTN - network reconstruction and analysis

Reconstruction of transcriptional networks including Master Regulator Analysis.

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SANTA - Spatial ANalysis of NeTwork Associations

SANTA functionally annotates networks like standard enrichment methods annotate lists of genes.

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VULCAN - VirtUaL ChIP-Seq data Analysis using Networks

VULCAN interrogates gene regulatory networks to infer cofactors significantly enriched in a differential binding signature coming from ChIP-Seq data.

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Software hosted by collaborators


Patient-specific data fusion

Richard Savage hosts a page to supplement our paper 'Patient-specific data fusion defines prognostic cancer subtypes' from where you can download MATLAB code implementing our clustering method.

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CLOE: phylogenetic clonal deconvolution

Cloe (pronounced like the name Chloƫ) is a computational biology tool to infer the clonal structure of heterogeneous tumour samples. It implements a phylogenetic latent feature model which discovers hierarchically related patterns (clonal genotypes) in the samples, and with these describes the observed mutation data.

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Most of our software is written in R and available on Bioconductor:
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